Reviews for "Golf is Hard"

I really love your work, it represents very well the reality of the golf.

I think you should make a complete golf game basing on this small flash. I really liked it.

colburt187 responds:

Yes maybe i will make a proper golf game, where you play the next shot from where the ball lands, there are plenty already out there though. Super stickman golf on the iPhone is fun.

My only complaint is that the avatars in the proshop don't help you. They should help. Think power, finesse, and accuracy.

the power meter seems a little inconsistent...but other than that its a good challenge.

It's a good game. The audio is great and the visuals and animations are decent. The gameplay is fun for half an hour but then gets repetitive. Although, you have gotten a scoreboard which is great to make the game more competitive, hence more exciting. By adding more competitive features you'd probably get people committed to the game for longer and more frequent periods.

1. The music is inconsistent during the golf round. Sometimes it plays and sometimes it doesn't. It might have been done so purposefully but I thought I'd point it out anyway.

1. At the fifthteenth hole (I believe) the marker for the power bar is underneath the actual bar. Just a small bug.
2. It would be nice to be shown which hole you're currently playing on.

1. I've gotten the millimetre hit several times during my time playing. It could possibly be a fault on my side and I mistakenly double hit the right mouse button twice when choosing the trajectory, but, if possible, some kind of bar preventing the player from performing the millimetre hit would be useful.

You'll get 3 stars! It wasn't all too spectacular and original, but it was fun for a while without any major flaws. Great job!

Frustrating! But fun.