Reviews for "Golf is Hard"

very fun game, but a couple things about it could be improved. You could always add more levels, and i think you should also add a select level option.
sometimes (mostly on level 2) i will hit the ball and it will bounce off the slope toward the hole, but when it hits the flat ground it bounces straight back as if the flat ground was a slope too. This is annoying and doesn't make much sense.
also, i have hit the ball directly into the hole without it touching the ground numerous times. The ball just bounces out like it would in real life, but maybe you could think about changing that for the sake of rewarding the players precision? also, on one of the stages the arrow for your power gauge is behind the bar and you cant see it.

I hate you so much. The angle and the power bar is so finely tuned, it is almost impossible make adjustments. On certain courses it doesn't matter that much, because there are slopes to rescues you. But if you're even 1 pixel of on other courses, the shot will go in a direction you did not want it to.

Still, it's really well executed and even for a game with so little mechanics I find it really addicting.
Good job, that just shows that even simple but tight and well thought through mechanics can make a game. Keep it up!

Golf was hard.

Heck, it was fun!
Annoying, too; first I thought it was a troll game where you systematically didn't win, then realized I was just bad at golf. Aside from that, it was a rather simple yet challenging game. The 8-bit graphics and chiptunes always get me.
I would like to point out how there's someone on the rankings who made the game in 17 shots, like how the **** is that possible?

colburt187 responds:


yeah 17 is not possible, and I'm not sure about the 18 either, don't know anyone who has actually done that, although i did witness a 22 on iPhone. Ive tired to remove the 17 but doesn't seem to work.

I freaking love this and I don't even know why. It's almost like a game that hates the player, with all it's brilliant, simple mindfuckery (no walking on the course!). The fact that the happy little soundtrack only comes on when you've been at the same hole for a while makes it seem like the game is basking in your frustration. Simple concept, but very entertaining.