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Reviews for "Detious - Telluric (Original Mix)"

ok I thought this was a master peice at the end the song so good well done

Unique dubstep is a really "Good Song"

DetiousMusic responds:

much appreciated! :)

I wish to one day work my way up to making something as impressive as this! I loved every second of it!

DetiousMusic responds:

Man I'm late.. Happy new year. It makes me really happy to hear words like that, It's hard to express how much it means to me to inspire people! That's kinda why I didn't reply. lol xD

Almost perfect.

I love the amount of bass in this, which balanced out the high frequencies, great job on that.

I love the fast tempo and the upbeatness, great job on that. (creating new words)

The one flaw I see is that it is very long, and very similar through the entire piece. I wouldn't say it's boring, but a little slow in changing. (wut)

So yeah. Full 5 stars definitely. Very similar to allure, which is the only song by you I like more than this.

Keep up the good work! (btw my longest review ever)

I love it so much. It's not all about the wubs... this ones got a very nice feel to it. I'm using it in GD... the community loves you, you know! XD