Reviews for "Major League Boxing!!"

Wow, this game drove me absolutely insane. I had no idea how to even get the easy medals. I admit that it is completely unexpected. I was wondering why the medals looked so weird. I didn't even notice they were boxes at first. Wasn't this joke already used in SpongeBob Squarepants?

It was still pretty funny. The redundancy drove me bonkers. I guess the sounds and music weren't bad. I hope to never look at this ever again. If you want to torture yourself, play this!

LoadCartoons responds:

The game was meant to be hard, this is Major League Boxing!! if you cant take the madness then you're not MLB material! now take your 2 bit critiquing and go back to reviewing Sonic vs Mario sprite videos *kisses*

I was hoping for something innovative, and this didn't disappoint. My one problem is that it goes on and on with no breaks, eventually you just get tired. I played to 100 points and then stopped.

I'm not sure how well you can expand it to a "series", though. You don't want to limit yourself and start getting known for only one specific thing. You might end up feeling...boxed in.

LoadCartoons responds:

we appreciate the review man, this is want we wanted because newgrounds is kind of brutal on whats good or not. thanks for what seems like you like the concept, but i guess some things could be changed to make it an overall more polished playable game.

How do you get the welcome screen outtake?

LoadCartoons responds:

the game is random every time you play it, you just have to run into it. sawry *hugs*

Creative, i honestly didn't see that coming, i think this would've worked even better as an April Fools joke.
And suggestions? I guess the arms could get stronger and tougher the longer we play.

nice game :D ... top 100 hard it is