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Reviews for "No Legs Must Run"

A little baffled when I first tried it, but gave it a further try.

The idea isn't bad, I just found it hard to look at and initially control. Although I worked that out, I found I could move ahead of the 'visible area' and drop out of view, so I was sat waiting to see where I was.

Ideally needs/needed a lot more polish and work - clearer instruction needed too.

Game isn't funny. Mini Golf (game) has an other mechanism.

I didn't like this game, mostly because I couldn't understand it. I wasn't even able to move around on the first level. I couldn't get a good grip of anything. I guess the title was okay. I just couldn't get a good grip of anything. I go on the first level and can't get past the first part.

I'm not interested in learning more about it. I doubt it's that rewarding. I can see why it's the lowest rating in the Stencyl Jam 2015. I guess the design isn't too bad. It was something unique at least.

Bad physics, bad graphics, boring music, full of bugs. Simply a bad game. You could've found other ways to add to the challenge instead of stunning the "hero" after every jump.

This game is frustrating. The whole drag and drop thing for the hero is not the best movement mechanic. It would be better if I could use the arrow keys instead because the ceiling moves so fast.