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Reviews for "No Legs Must Run"

This is a good and original idea. My only criticism though is that it has a kind of high difficulty curve. Otherwise it's really good.

Very unique, almost rage quit on the second level, but then I beat it and felt a rush of pride. Then I quit on the third level haha. I think this will be a huge hit. I understand the delay between hits as it makes it a little harder and he is hitting his head and that would make anyone dizzy, but I kind of think the game would be a little more enjoyable without it. It's always fun to be able to get good at a game and get faster, but that delay slows it down. Also, it makes it difficult to know when you can click on him. Especially in a panic, which happens A LOT! Cool game though.

the idea is good, but this game is kinda glitchy. Went through the walls a few times and then I get stuck there until the character dies xD

The actual game is really good, i just beat the first level and i already like it, but the title screen almost made me ragequit. "Press Start"? given the facts that
a) that wasn't in the center of the screen and had colors that didn't stand out, so i didn't notice it,
so I thought i was playing the game already
b) start is not a button on the keyboard
that's why this game has a low rating, because people probably gave up when they didn't know how to even start the game.

This is angry bird flappy version and i call it flap angry bird