Reviews for "Skitzo-The Buddy System"


i love skitzo so much! your animations are great

Comick responds:

Ah thanks! I'm glad you liked it :D

Having never seen a Skitzo cartoon before I figured I was in for something bizarre but I was a bit like, "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp" after the cartoon ended.

Anyway, I enjoyed it. The atmosphere was great, along with the artwork and choice of music and setting. As a critique, hopefully deemed as constructive, the blood pouring from Skitzo's face, how it was animated, it looked like it was just stretched and looked a bit unnatural(even if the Bear itself is unnatural in a demonic sense lol). But I do know thats difficult to animate so I'm not holding it against you.

I did check out your kickstarter and the plushy looks awesome. If i had the cash I would totally back it (maybe within the month I'l be able to). I'm also going to check out your other work when I get a chance!

Comick responds:

Ah thanks for taking a look at Skitzo! Glad the music and setting all went well and I know what you mean about the stretched thing...I will work more on that BLOOD! >:D Also glad you liked the plush! Yeah if you can chip anything towards it that helps the project and you get some cool stuff :b (everyone wins ahah!) Thanks again!

Why do I even watch this.

why I like this too much .