Reviews for "Skitzo-The Buddy System"

Sweet! Skitzo is bacl from the grave! :D. Great work Comick!


Hiya, great to see you out with a new Skitzo cartoon, know you've been super busy lately, so it's a wonderful surprise to see that you came out with a new animation!

As usual, we see our favorite nutso psycho Skitzo on another one of his wacky adventures, this time in a subway, which I thought was a pretty neat idea.

It seems like the fact that Skitzo is usually begging for money (don't think Skitzo would ever beg for something in his life, haha!), so it's implied that he's poor, and thus homeless:(. And much like those who are impoverished, he has problems with his mind.

A little boy (dog) with his mother was something new that you implemented in your story. Well, sure, there was that family he murdered last year during the holidays, but that didn't make this any less fresh.

It's funny how you had this seemingly nice young boy politely waving hello at Skitzo for a few times before bending over and pulling down his pants to moon him.

In all fairness, he was asking for it, and was one of the few characters of the show to actually deserve it, haha!

So glad I'm not poor anymore that I can finally go and support your kickstarter project! I wants me a Skitzo plushie! And I have a question and it's probably dumb: if the goal is somehow not reached, but you supported it, will you still get the stuff you funded for? Thank you in advance!

And good luck with your kickstarter!

That is very cool, this is the first episode i see and i love it, but it need to be more longer, i need to know what's going on in the train ! :D

great job !

You did a good job surprising me with that part with the rat at the beginning; that just came outta nowhere. I think you kept a pretty good balance of making it 'possessed' without going overboard and breaking the classic cartoon feel of it.

I apologize for this overused joke, but: "In Soviet Russia, dick eats YOU!"

Comick responds:

Ah thanks man! Yeah haha Skitzo has living pubes that kinda just do whatever they want! I'm not so sure Skitzo is aware of this though heh, but at least he got to eat something. Glad you liked it and thanks for watching! :)