Reviews for "Super Smash Wars: 7"

It would be a good story line, reminds me of SMBZ which crossed mario and sonic in a DBZ kinda way. So i think mixing super mario with starwars would be a good mix up too. SMSW! make it happen someone.

great another hype! where nothing happen! geez!. I wonder!? if you like wasting time on pointless stuff.

RetroSleep responds:

This was a parody of the starwars movie trailer, it was a joke.

Thanks for the review ya twat. :]

this gets a low rating because I have high expectations from you.
Keep it bouncing like that caitlyn video.

RetroSleep responds:

You want some zero suit samus don't ya?

Art was sweet
Animation was not that good, it was kinda uneven, and clunky
Voice & Sound was at a 2/7

Overall ok job, but I believe you could do better!

RetroSleep responds:

If your knowledgeable enough to get into what uneven and clunky means i'd greatly appreciate the feedback. Are you referring to the pacing of the video itself? How the characters move? Without any additional information those terms don't carry much weight.

Thanks for the review.

lol, what a random idea for a grand battle! Everything feels out of context, and yet it's entirety, in combined form, as the big picture: pretty entertaining! Real slick animation too.


RetroSleep responds:

Thanks CD! Whenver I post a new animation, I just sit around for a bit and wonder what kind of review your gonna give me haha. I really appreciate your constant feedback on all my stuff.