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Reviews for "How Long Can You Last?"

This game is very interesting. I enjoy the challenge that it brings to the table and, more importantly, the progressive difficulty. Nowadays, when a game claims to have a progressive difficulty, its always super slow or way to hard already. This game presents the player with a breath of fresh air at the beginning and smoothly transitions to the more challenging jumps. The audio for this is also good. The uses contradicting tones is always intriguing in music, especially for block-games like this.

I hope this rad game lasts a long time!


Dugeese responds:

Hey ProfessorX,

I'm glad you enjoyed my game, and I also hope this game lasts a long time! There are still some improvements I need to make (e.g. high score list), so hopefully I'll be finished polishing up the game.

Kind regards,

Great for your first game. ( I hope mine will be this good.)

Dugeese responds:

Thanks! (I hope your game goes well!)

Pretty goof for a first try, but the movement while jumping should go a bit faster, and when the game ends, it just says game. But what would be really cool is if you patched in leaderboard support

nice job,

Dugeese responds:

Thanks for playing my game!

So when the game ends, it just says game? That's not supposed to happen.. it should show "Game Over". Btw, what's leaderboard support?

Nice job. I'd like to see a leaderboard though. I think you'd draw a bigger audience if you updated your graphics as well. Great work and good luck with your next project.

Dugeese responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll add a high score list soon. Updating the graphics would also be nice as well. :)

For a first game, this is great. The control is fluid, the music is good, and everything works perfectly. A high score table would be nice, and I think the difficulty curve could be tweaked, but it's fun anyway. I can't wait to see your next project!

Dugeese responds:

Hey, I'm glad you like my game :D

Yes, a high score table would really be nice, I should've added it before publishing >.< I'll make sure to add one as soon as I can!