Reviews for "Avatar: Last Hairbender"

Been a while since I wrote one of these, but here it goes.
I thought the animation was fairly smooth and your voice acting matched up with the characters with an acceptable amount of accuracy. There's definitely room for improvement and fine tuning in your crafting. Can't say I share your opinion on Korra, but I can't fault you for having your own belief.
Giving you 3/5 in the interest in a fair, unbiased review. Keep up the good work.

WooleyWorld responds:

"There's definitely room for improvement and fine tuning in your crafting"...
Well.... how so? Don't slap me with a pitiful 3 then not explain how to improve.

Had a funny idea, had the artistic talent. But the lack of humour and bad pacing quickly made this boring. There were very noticeble moments of nothing happening. I wanna say the silence was loud, if that makes sense. And then the Korra bit at the end I totally don't get. I'm not sure what the joke was meant to be. I guess you just dislike Korra? If so, felt silly you'd put that in when you're just gonna bother the majority of Avatar fans. Because Korra's series is more popular than Aang's.

You lose a star each for: bad pacing, many potential jokes not used, letting everyone know you don't like Korra like we'd even care.

having said that, I'd like to see more Avatar movies from you.

WooleyWorld responds:

Some people like the quiet. Some folks don't.
How could you want another animation after having said what you did? You're the kind of people I don't make these for. Haha.

I appreciate the effort to input though, thanks.