Reviews for "Avatar: Last Hairbender"


Well this was "ENTERTAINING" I like all the different characters and even voices some good voice work in this one, this was an ok film not as funny as some of your other ones, but stiff pretty good, So a nice film here I did get a few chuckles with this one but would love more humorin this one, but anyways this was a good film you have presented here.

Nothing major needed as a nice feature subtitles would be nice.


amusing, and characters well depicted

Something about the way you said [getlostkorrasomething] made me orgasm

WooleyWorld responds:

"get lost korra. nobody likes you." My favourite line there.
I'm glad I could produce this from you.

okay this animation is good normal nice not like other ones that have no are very confusing and just weird for some reason

WooleyWorld responds:

My other ones or other ones in general? Lol.

LOL Lmao XD good job on the art work man,
This is so funny,
Agh that Hair XD why do you have that hair? i am jealous. xD