Reviews for "Avatar: Last Hairbender"

im definetly okay with everything that happened here. Please patent mustache cactus so i can buy it and have its action figure on my desk please....

WooleyWorld responds:

Lol. If I ever make a figurine. It'll be of Cacstache. :p

Haha! Loved this! :P I did miss the series, thanks for the post! :D

amazing and well animated.
humor is a big 10/10 and I cant wait until the next one

That was pretty funny... the quip with Korra had me rolling, despite the fact I love that character.
Right on man!

WooleyWorld responds:

ikr. You can laugh either way. :p

cute, not quite as funny/silly as the last two though. But according to Doomroar it seems I might like Korra, should probably help pass the time before the world ends....

oh wait, that was supposed to be a surprise

WooleyWorld responds:

This... isn't Sex Hair 3...