Reviews for "REGEN"


FtFxe responds:

Hey, thank you!

This is pretty good but there's a bug with the upgrades. When I tried to upgrade coins twice, it wound up upgrading the timer both times (both at the cost of 100 coins) and on the third time I tried upgrading coins, my save data ended up being erased. You need to fix that bug pronto dude but other than, you have done a nice job here.

A lot of excruciating design choices. Right off the bat, you press Z to open the menu, and then try to press Z again to open the upgrades but instead it closes the menu. It gave you no indication of what buttons do what at that point. But then it's even worse because once you only have one shot at that menu, so you have to go die to try that menu again. And you can only do one thing in that menu, so you can't save and upgrade in one go.

And of course the upgrades are way too expensive for the rate at which you gather coins. But when I finally saved 100 and tried to buy the coin upgrade, it took 100 coins from me but gave me a timer upgrade instead, which I thought cost only 60. And I didn't even want a timer upgrade.

Also, when you go to a new room by falling, there's the potential of landing on a hazard without having any time to maneuver.

And what upgrade lets you get to the coin that's walled in by those electric wire things?

I have to say that this game is really awesome. The only problem i had encountered was upgrade bug.
Other than that it's a pretty fun little game.

FtFxe responds:

Thanks !

The game itself is pretty good. It's not extremely nifty or especially well done, but it's good.
The music, however, wasn't much to my liking, and the sound effects lagged a bit behind (coin sounds especially had a lot of latency). Also, I came across a bug where I couldn't upgrade anything except for "Time", no matter what I pressed, time would upgrade.

FtFxe responds:

Thanks, I'm going to fix that bug someday