Reviews for "REGEN"

I can't be bothered writing a full review. Here's a few bulletpoints.

*When entering a room, will sometimes continue walking without pressing a button.
*I noticed the longer you play the more complicated the levels become. Increase how quickly this happens.
*Don't remove dissapearing platforms when the head of the character touches them.
*The upgrade system is broken. Upgrades time as soon as you enter the upgrade screen, and *sometimes even without the right number of coins.
*Upgrades are way too expensive. Decrease cost of upgrades.
*Remove time upgrade, keep max time at 10s. Otherwise becomes a bit too easy.
*Number of coins in a room should be based on the difficulty of that room.
*When something is used as a barrier it can be stood on. Breaks a few of the levels.

Actually, if you remove the upgrade system entirely and change the rate at which the complexity of the levels increases, you'd have a damn good game.

Eh, it is fun to some extent, not that great of a game but one can have some hours wasted on this if they are really into platformers.
With some polishment, you can create something bigger out of REGEN.
More level variations would be quite welcome too.


FtFxe responds:

Thank you so much, I will try my best to some future version of the game!

Seems fun. However, I tried to buy the "more coins" upgrade, and it debited the 100 coins, but game me time lvl 2 upgrade.

FtFxe responds:

Huh ?, how strange it must be some kind of bug, although it checked, I'll check again