Reviews for "REGEN"

Updgrades are too expensive, this game will take me a will since I would be able to make a second upgrade. Rooms begin to be the same after a while, some gets a bit harder of course.
Some problems with some platforms disappearing before I could be able to jump on leading me to a game over.

UGH. Games meant to be hard to play should have extensive testing, or else they end up like this.

I can't choose my upgrades, because as soon as I get enough coins to open the upgrades window it automatically selects the Timer upgrade, three times now. I struggle to get those goddamn coins and it keeps purchasing the one upgrade I don't want or need - more time.

Falling downwards is the worst risk possible. You can fall directly into spikes with zero reaction chance. In a game where survival is key, it screws you. Unlike going left/right, you have to position yourself or basically die.

Fading platforms after touching them is horrible physics. My little guy can touch one, it fades, but I never "got on" it and have no chance of survival because it never comes back. One instance is choosing "left" and jumping from underneath onto a fading platform (to the right is a corridor with a coin, to the left drops down to move on), and if I miss it I can't jump up. Jump upgrade? Sure, but so far it's force-spending my coins on more time. those fading "cube" platforms come back, so they're just fine.

The room where there are four coins on pillars with a regen aura in the middle, you appear from the left and right on the damned ledge, and falling off onto spikes is common.

Yeah, it can be a good game if ironed out. I can barely make it into the teens, but I'm mostly getting hit or losing due to the actual design.

FtFxe responds:

thanks for your review, I'm going to fix some bugs and things.


Good, but incredibly frustrating (although hard hop'n'bops/platformers are totally my kind of game). Excellent music and graphics.

FtFxe responds:

So much thanks, I love hard platformers!

This game is really good! You just stink at the beginning of it, then as you play on, you get better and better!

FtFxe responds: