Reviews for "REGEN"

A slick little platformer, with comfortable controls and crisp graphics. Bit unnecesary you can't walk backgrounds though, Game Over screen if you try return from the way which you came... why not simply make the door impossible to pass through? Dying doesn't make sense like that. Anyway, very nice little game otherwise; interestingt concept with the hundred rooms... and man, that is one huge challenge too!


FtFxe responds:

Thanks you so much, I'm goig to take your suggestions!

When I first found out about this game, I wasn't sure whether to review it or not but now that I've finally gotten my chance, all i can say is, This game is actually pretty decent. Some might say it's a loop with the music, but it doesn't mean the music isn't bad. I actually loved the music a lot and it kind of made the game somewhat suspenseful with the fear that you are not going to cross the level in time, though the music is great, and i strongly like the 100 levels mechanic, the platforming it's self is pretty slow, maybe that's just me but it kind of felt slow and it took away from the experience, and for a game with such simple idea, it has some good pixel art here and there.

Overall This game may not be the best game I've ever played, but it surely is a nice distraction when you are bored and/ or are in the gaming mood. And I will say it isn't not harmful. I give this game a 4/5

I have to compliment the platforming itself, I felt almost completely in control of the character in terms of jump height and distance. That said, i see little point in choosing paths if the rooms will be randomized regardless, entering into other rooms often leads to unavoidable damage, and without any sense of progression (aside from upgrades, which are horribly overpriced and very boring), I really don't feel any reason to push forward and complete the game.

I see that this game is a strong technical and design achievement. I hope that you will use your engine and experience for much greater things in the future.

Even loops can be well-made, good sir.

FtFxe responds:

So much thanks, knight. (?)


I like the game...just a tiny bit BUT THE F*CKING LOOP IS THE END OF THE LINE SIR.
Get a better music or else stop wasting my time. Please. -Dochius 2015 A.D

FtFxe responds:

I don't remember saying that the game had excellent music simply was the best I found to fit, plus it is so that the game does not occupy much space on portable versions.