Reviews for "[Double Jump]"

Basic and fun

Well, what you see is what you get - just a nice piece designed with some good effort to bring out some quality, and you have done just that. You have already impressed me with this one and hope it continues your success here on newgrounds. This was Loaded with lots of goodies and whatnot, made it for a fun and entertaining game. This did turnout basic but it had a fun side to it kinda hard to multi task at times but seemed easy enough aswell and was an enjoyble game. alright So you have some good Criteria to make this a decent flash entry, There was no Diminishing points in the game allthough some points could be abit better, I will ofcourse elaborate later on some unnecessarily and even Lacking points in the submission but as i said i will get to that a bit later, for the most part this was pretty interesting.

A good game you have here, There are various ideas that could improve on this and make it much better then it already is, just takes the extra effort, the ideas that work and also look for what people want and enjoy in the game, so those are just some stuff, I have a few improvment ideas and tips that should work great with this flash, try them out, Besides these things can only help to make the game better and with some new stuff added possbly some new quality to an already decent game. On some improvment notes its fun but too basic at times and for sure needs more medals. but i did enjoy it.


SO HARD! and sorta boring.

GMR516 responds:

I'm sorry you don't like it.

WAY too hard.

GMR516 responds:

Maybe you should brush up on your skills :P

the only thing that ok was the music...everything else was terrible.