Reviews for "[Double Jump]"

This game is certainly interesting and has a repetitive charm. Its highly addictive and supports cooperative game-play. Although I will say that the single player function is both challenging and fun, making it even more addicting. Similar to games like Ninjump and Geometry Dash, this game separates itself from both with its dual game functionality.

The soundtrack for this game is very interesting and really makes the game-play interesting. Along with the soundtrack is the color, which brings a distracting challenge and interesting colors into the game.

The only real problem I have with most under judgement games is graphics. The graphics could be better, and any and all enhancements to the overall quality of the game would be appreciated.

All-in-all, this game steps above its predecessors and brings a good amount of interesting fun.

I hope you Double Jump your way to the top with this rad game.


GMR516 responds:

Thanks for the kind review!
Glad you like it so much.

WAY too hard.

GMR516 responds:

Maybe you should brush up on your skills :P

Pretty interesting idea. Should make it so you die all together if one dies.

GMR516 responds:

Would make the game even harder, but nice idea.

SO HARD! and sorta boring.

GMR516 responds:

I'm sorry you don't like it.