Reviews for "Flat Golf"

so close to <100 on arduous aqua :(

It's golf

It's so underrated because it's GOLF

I think that this is a really good attempt at a game! A few things I would say need to be fixed:
-Add sound effects or music
-Mark the traps a little better
-Make the golf ball white
-Add a tutorial
-Try to overall add to the visual appeal of the game

Things you did well:
-The controls make sense
-Graphics are overall decent
-Cool idea for a game

Overall, this is quite alright for a beginner's game.

-CGA, Co-leader of the Review Request Club

Honestly? One of the worst games I've played on Newgrounds.

Far too many things need fixing. From the menus to the graphics as well as the actual gameplay. It shows glimmers of fun, but it ultimately becomes boring after the second hole on the first stage. Not worth playing unfortunately.