Reviews for "Sonac the Hodgeman 3"

This game is hilarious play this if you want to have a laugh. the characters are just funny overall i would say play as shaq. Keep up with the good work daroshima0240.

I can't get the game to start. It just brings up an empty advert window with a play button that dosen't work. Yes, I tried refreshing the page. Help?

I'm giving out 4.5 stars, because of a very good reason:
I suggest you do a remake, it's just, missing a few things, such as blaze.
Also no super silver, and it might require more animations on the characters, like, after going super fast you lose the skin and enter "bone mode".

It's a nice waste of time and I hope i'll never play this again :) good job.

Darren responds:

There will be a new one next year, as is now and April fools tradition. Blaze and 'bone mode' were things I wanted to put in this one, but I didn't leave myself enough time, so they may well be in the next one. WE'LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE


how to unlock the last character,i dont understand how to unlock,i played every character in 5 min and nothing work,please tell me everyone :c