Reviews for "True Idle Game"

One of the best games I played on newgrounds so far. Much better than Abobo and others. You can actually feel the progression and the puzzles are clever. Also, I am not joking.

This game is perfect! 5/5

very nice hahahah big 5/5

Really entertaining. But I can't seem to know how to get those "secrets" though xD

This is awesome and I think you did a very nice job, but I managed to get all but three medals, one of them "normal" and the other two "secret". The three medals I am missing are:

Medal 1 (normal): No!No!

Medal 2 (secret): Bye!

Medal 3 (secret): Fail!

I've clicked on everything several times, did a right click on the screen, pressed everything on the keyboard, exited the screen and reentered it yet I can't get those three medals. Can you tell me what I should do to acquire those medals?