Reviews for "True Idle Game"

:-D :-D :-D That game made me laugh every single click! (As I was told, I ignored the Newgrounds medal system ;-) ) Great idea! Hilarious texts! It definitely should stay here :-)
Wait a minute, what am I doing? I shouldn's write this review! Writing a review is doing Something and I was supposed to stay IDLE! :-D


ok well this is an idle game, so i'll just do nothing for a few hours, save my progress and continue what i was doing tomorrow. in a few days i should have completed everything i was suppost to do while doing nothing. cool

Haha, the only idle game really worth its name! XD And yet, there's so much to do that you should not be doing! Where's the medal for leaving the computer on a day or two doing absolutely nothing at all? ;) Genius idea though.


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