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Reviews for "True Idle Game"

One of the best games I played on newgrounds so far. Much better than Abobo and others. You can actually feel the progression and the puzzles are clever. Also, I am not joking.

:-D :-D :-D That game made me laugh every single click! (As I was told, I ignored the Newgrounds medal system ;-) ) Great idea! Hilarious texts! It definitely should stay here :-)
Wait a minute, what am I doing? I shouldn's write this review! Writing a review is doing Something and I was supposed to stay IDLE! :-D

This game certainly is interesting. I don't understand the monetary mechanic and how I should go about getting money for the game. I also noticed that the game seems to glitch and break after the save button vanishes. The graphics could be improved, and the grammar in the text needs to be corrected. The humor is certainly there. And with a little more work, this game could be pretty interesting.

Don't stop making rad games, man.


This is different. Kind of funny mentioing the Medal system lol. Clever little quips as well. Thanks for the entertainment sir.

Well, there are medals, but this idling game is so pretentious with it's fucking pop up windows that it doesn't matter.