Reviews for "True Idle Game"

I am completely confused by this ?game?

What the bloody hell is this game..XD

Nice game, but It isn't a true idle game since we have to click the play button to start.
Which would require moving. So, the definitive way to play this is to abandon you computer forever. But the game let's you click the play button, defeating the purpose of staying idle

I also can't get the Bye! medal, it seems to be broken.

I have only one dollar and i can't do anything. It says autoclick 0.5 but nothing happens

This is awesome and I think you did a very nice job, but I managed to get all but three medals, one of them "normal" and the other two "secret". The three medals I am missing are:

Medal 1 (normal): No!No!

Medal 2 (secret): Bye!

Medal 3 (secret): Fail!

I've clicked on everything several times, did a right click on the screen, pressed everything on the keyboard, exited the screen and reentered it yet I can't get those three medals. Can you tell me what I should do to acquire those medals?