Reviews for "Return to the Playhouse"

While I was watching this I thought to myself,"Wow! The world sure is terrible to this dog. Why is he getting all this torment?" Well, I got my answer once I read the description where I read that he is "Exhausted and depressed from a manic, drug-fueled romp of necrophilia, Alfred drags himself (and a body) back to the only Home he knows - The Playhouse" Then I accepted his torment because he deserves it. He's a drug addict, a murderer and a necrophile. The torment works because Alfred deserves it unlike Meg in "Family Guy" (had to put it in quotation marks because Fox might claim copyright infringement), Squidward in most "Spongebob Squarepants" episodes where he is tormented and many more examples that slip my mind. Now that I'm done explaining why the cruelty works, it's time to get to the actual animation part of it. It's good in some parts and very meh in others. All of the characters are visually appealing but the animation kind of takes you out of it with it's mehness. I haven't seen the other parts of this movie and I don't need to. I feel I have all of the information I need to write a review. This made me laugh, wonder and ask "What in holy mother of fuck was that?!!" all in seven minutes. Good job. I'll watch the others.

Alfred's come home again, a home in which there are Littles (quite cringeworthy fare from the 1980's), Herman Goering and a new, whizzy Tristy doll. I can say "well done" again, but not for the same reasons. At first I thought you might've overdone the lens flare on the fade out to the historic house, but no, it was the last grasp of pure sunlight, before the crucible was entered.

The house did look a tad sparse, a minimalist version of the original, but I suspect our point of view is a bit more 'untainted' at this part in the movie... other things will reveal themselves all too soon I fear. Very proud to have been a small part of this abyssal tapestry. I do worry for the author's sanity in this cinematic venture, there's no lack of previous works that have had mortal complications O_o