Reviews for "Return to the Playhouse"


lol "side affects include, i'm going to beat the shit out of you" This was great, You never disappoint!

ahhHHHH emily this looks so good!

there should be a part where alfred and the littles dance together but he is also being raped also I think the alfred alfer movie should just never end because it keeps being added onto until you die and then the dvd will be really big and it wont fit in the player also what's your favorite part

The characters were very expressive and a lot of emotion was displayed with drawings.

I love the frame by frame animation and how you managed to keep steady outlines.

The backgrounds were a nice touch too.

I assume the backgrounds were painted by hand or photoshopped.

The animated cartoon also had a very twisted sense of humor and it also uses some elements of horror to create a new experience.

Certain moments were almost like a nightmare and have added an additional entertainment value.

The music sounded very classical and has effectively served to establish mood.

Perhaps, you could experiment with other styles of music in future episodes.

I noticed a combined influence from classic cartoons and more modern aged cartoons.

The way you drew teeth reminds me of Rocko's modern life.

I have a feeling that your future movies are gonna become increasingly distinct in art style overtime.

Just don't be afraid to experiment with different elements of your own drawing style.

Cool movie.

- Mightydein