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Reviews for "Cucco Chase"

It was a really enjoyable game. Challenging, exciting, and the concept was fun and simple.

rare medals are the best medals

Very fun my friend. I enjoyed how challenging it gets towards the end. No bugs, smooth animations. I just think the layout design could be a little better. But great second game. I will keep playing to get Chuck Norris medal!

Nice game again! In my opinion it was a bit harder than your previous one but it was very entertaining too. However, when I pressed the S key on the menu after beating the game it didn't redirect me to the bonus mode (I think it said in the ending screen that you have to press the S key to play it).

Nonetheless I enjoyed playing this game. Keep it up!

TheCez responds:

Sorry, it's my own fault for putting the text like that over the cuccos and stuff, makes it hard to read. It says to press "5", not S. Again, my bad! But I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks!

Pretty fun game!