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Reviews for "Dave's Dream"

Really buggy in comparison to other time loop games. If I woke up too early or got stuck waiting in line for the gun, another Dave would appear beside bed and the current Dave would stop responding to input. Sometimes past Daves wouldn't appear at all. Add in that you can't really tell which Dave is the current Dave, and it quickly becomes impossible to coordinate. I didn't even make it past the fire pit.

jacklehamster responds:

Some of those bugs have been resolved, so it should run smoothly now.

help there is something wrong i push the lever and i let go the door closes

jacklehamster responds:

Look in the drawer

somehow broke the game... I got the paddle on the platform... but when In grabbed it on another life... I jumped on the platform waited for the paddle then grabbed it and I vanished... please fix

jacklehamster responds:

Alright pickme, I think I did fix that bug. Sorry it took so long, but the code is a bit messy, since I made it for a gamejam. I hope you it'l work smoothly now.

I really like the idea of many lives and that there's no language involved, making the game international.
But... I give up! ><
I found myself restarting so many times. At some point things just become so confusing: my char disappears (is there a max number of chars?), I got stuck.. eg: if I stand on the boat waiting for my old self to row.

I think some ameliorations would help:
- Undo last life button ( I 1st thought R (restart) would do this)
- Ability to go back (eg: on the diving board, you can't go back to get the oar if you forgot it)
- Add a visual difference between old selves and the new one (idk.. the older, the less color?)
- Put the active char on the top layer so we don't need to wait till all the old selves have moved.
- Put inventory object in a square so they're easier to pick (somehow the bucket was hardest to pick up)

and there's some illogic stuff:
Why do we need to go pick up all the objects when it wasn't necessary for the gun? To avoid confusion, might as well put the gun in the inventory to start with.

4/5 because I like the idea, and ideas are a lot hardest to come by. GL! ;)

@Geminate: managed to get over that one! The cloud gives a new oar each time you click on it, so just leave many oars? :)

jacklehamster responds:

Thanks I took your feedback in consideration:
- R (restart) now undoes the last life. You're right, it's better that way.
- You can now go back from the diving board to the circle area.
- Unfortunately, adding visual differences between the old and new selves affects the aesthetic of the game, so I'll leave it as it is.
- The active char has to wait for the other ones. It's actually a technical limitation.
- Inventory items got bigger.

Also, the reason I'm making an exception for the gun is because it's so easy to get out the door and forget the gun, in which case you can't restart so you're stuck.

Without the ability to exterminate the excess Dave's the game becomes problematic as other Dave's get the oar before I do.

jacklehamster responds:

The items actually come in unlimited supply, so you can't try to get the item again even if someone else took it.