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Reviews for "Fire & Ice"

incredible work ! especially the water move and reflections are lovely :3

Gyatt DAYUM I'm loving the contrast (thematically and visually) in this one. It's neat to see how far you've come in the animated aspect of these beautiful images, the water looks smoother than ever, and the snow is whimsical. I will say that at first the path of the snow flakes seemed off, but now I can see some pretty cool synchronicity in their motion as if struck by a slight gust of wind. Good stuff.

Very nicely done. The animation is solid

from what NES game is this screenshot?

Winter really is a wonderland too! Ice sheets bopping in the water... though for some reason it seems like they're a layer above the reflection. Maybe because they don't really stir the water around them in any way.

Otherwise I really love this. Pixel perfect.