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Reviews for "Super Idle Imagination"

I love it when artists contemplate a brick wall. The resulting humor is always genuine and entertaining. I also really enjoyed the music. However, by level 10 I had pushed all the buttons, read the same reviews over and over, and was just over it. After BRICK I vowed to never play another idle game but I'm glad I checked this out. Looking forward to checking out your other games and glad there's at least one developer out there that feels the same way I do about this genre. 2/5
2 because this really is nothing new or exciting, 5 because of the intent.

Fake and gay, the game mechanics are broken, the story is lame, no customizable avatar, this game sucks so hard that teaches a lesson to a lot of us. Congratulations on this great reflection!

This is amazing! Extremely funny game, love it! :)
(oh, yes, "Idle Eric", that rocks XD)

fun game addicting. got all the medals for it :) 5/5

kek, got to 100 games made
edit 2: how is this a rpg?