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Reviews for "Super Idle Imagination"

I have never made a game before because I'm technically and intellectually useless. But PM me on tips on how to improve.
On a serious note - Honours Idle and Cosmosis medals don't work. I've unlokced them in-game, but not on Newgrounds, please fix, thanks.

Totally intense clickage. Oh and add Morgan Freeman to do narration or something!!!

Just beat the game and got all the achievements. i took me and entire hour of my life but i guess it was kind of worth it but yeah...... 11/10 my cat loves the game.

It gets dull quickly, which makes sense for what it is. Great parody, though. Two stars for the "game," three more for good comedy.

This is what I do with my life now?
I liked the design, and it was pretty funny.
Pushing the boundaries brah!