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Reviews for "Super Idle Imagination"

My cat likes this game :3

To enter the brain and get cosmosis anchievment just keep playing trust me

Not enough depth. Boring.

Art style is ok, you certainly know what things are supposed to be and such. Gameplay and plot are minimal in order to get the point across, as most satire/parody typically are. The whole thing overall reeks of pretentiousness and jealousy, to be honest. "Screw these guys for being more popular by uncreatively exploiting humanity's dependence on instant gratification" is definitely an excellent point, but the solution should be to simply improve on the formula of idle games, which luckily the creator seems to be aware of given he also made the "Hero Agency" game.

the moral of the story is... people criticize other people, even though they don't know what they're criticizing. accuracy=100