Reviews for "Rancid Donut"

Hah, great animation man!

funymony responds:


that animation was unbelievable !
we could learn a leson from it !
very nice audio and good animation

look foward for moar !

funymony responds:

Thanks! I'll make moar!

This was funny and the animation was nice.

And to DarkTrinity1997

I had a similar experience when I was 4. Was served a salad during my first flight ever. In the salad I saw something that was a very rare treat in Finland in the late 80's : a grape. Tossed it in my mouth just to find out that it was something else that was also rare in the late 80's : an olive. Hated olives for about 15 years. Can really relate to this story =D

funymony responds:

It's like mixing a bag of skittles and M&M's!

I love this haha

This is pretty good...I have one question though. Did that one childhood experience really make bagels look that bad?

funymony responds:

YES. I was very young and it had quite the effect on me. ):