Reviews for "The Gun Game: Redux"

Awesome! Always been a fan of "The Gun Game" series. It's so satisfying to shoot stuff when the weapons are so fun and the grapichs and sounds so great. Keep it up :D

Chaz responds:

Thanks, and congrats on the 100% badge :)

Only one problem:

I can't seem to know how to unlock other weapons.

Very cool game! I admit, Micro Uzi is best weapon.

heres a tip:shotguns are good for offense. because of slash damge and pistols and smg are good marksman. and carbines and shotgun are good for defense. my favorite gun is the desert eagle a very good pistol

Wow i cant believe that this game is highly scripted and so HD but they need to add more guns like shotguns and a little more pistols and more machine guns and assault rifles