Reviews for "Dark Dayz - Prologue"

The graphics, the idea and the implementation are super nice.
The problem is that it is not very fun to play. The way the hero moves is not to my liking.

For some reason when I got the achievements for killing a beast zombie and destroying 50 crates, it only registered the achievements after I started the level again.

The Kickstarter link window in the game says congratulations for completing the game even if you click it before you beat it.

Also, why no credits? I like the voice actor.

Game play is good -though melee range is difficult to gauge-, and some of the menu choices (repairing broken melee weapons for example) are not intuitive (a tutorial bit would help), and for this prologue the only things you can craft are thrown weapons.

My only real criticism is that you can't see into/out of buildings when you're at the entrances/doors. In fact, you can't even see some entrances to buildings at all because the roof overhang covers them up. Several zombies got to jump me because they simply weren't visible -despite being right next to me through open entrances-.

Trailer was delightful, though the nice lady should work on how to hold a gun properly.

At this stage: A fun little zombie survival game, with potential to grow.

Not being able to see anything makes it hard to play the game. The flashlight makes it even worse for lack of visibility around the character. Other than that it's a great game.