Reviews for "Dark Dayz - Prologue"

Good voice acting, good control layout, decent graphics, decent music.

I liked how the story isn't all-at-once, but present. I also liked that the control layout is learned on-the-fly.

However the framerate was TERRIBLE. -1 star.

sorry but I've played a lot of zombie flash games and this one just don't cut it. Its original but it feels like its already been done, the gameplay was ok but I find it a bit generic if the action was thought out a little bit better then you would have got it for me.

Not too original, eh?

In short words....
This game blew my god damn mind when I though nothing was better than Dead Island. This game is so freaking cool, the HUD is awesome, the weapons work properly and until now I have found no glitches. This game seriously deserves some great development and im sure it will reach the fucking stars in no time.
In my opinion, it haves enough potential to be on steam. Hopefully for free tho!

Overall, satisfactory. The controls weren't challenging, the character movement was smooth and controllable, and the music [Although it does loop] is intriguing. The only downside to this game is probably the weapon effectiveness. Some weapons seem pointless to own, and all melee weapons had the same striking distance. For a demo, this is definitely worth the play time.