Reviews for "Dark Dayz - Prologue"

Liek it

I would say that its more like h1z1 instead of dayz but i still like the game. I LOVE the crafting sytem as well. keep up good work.

A good and fun game, but the controls don't respond very well and it's a bit slow sometimes

Don't really like the FB integration thing with sharing your rewards, even if it just optional, but apart from that this was an awesome teaser! Love every aspect of it, from the slick interfaces to the crafting, the picking up items, random repairs and balanced weaponry, to the storyline progressing seamlessly in the part of thought or dialog as you play. Professional visuals and audio too. Very nice!


Something's wrong with the voice acting, not much emphasis on the controls, the graphics are adequate and the mechanics are rusty. Great potential on this game though!