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Reviews for ""The Imitator" collab"

Cool stick fight.

wow, a uniquely themed and super-fast, restless epic collab!
despite the over-familiar stick figure fight idea, this was quite fresh in the speed, and in the well-animated choreography of the different battles between the protagonist (the black stick), and the various enemies that appeared in this (the collaborators).
i liked how each contestant/collaborator used and added his own character in the movie, in order to fights versus the protagonist, and i liked how each collaborator had not ONLY a unique stick-figure design, but also a unique fight style (hand to hand, weapons,or guns), and a different weaponry for each stickman, and it ranged from ninja sticks, to guns to magnifying glasses(?), this was really cool, and well orchestrated.

overall, a solid collab, and very nice project to watch.
you guys have skills, do more.

An impressive; perfectly synced sequence of action! With plenty of humor too, like that cooking part. XD Even though you mentioned the credits were long, I wasn't expecting that long! Like two thirds of the submission length!! :O Though I enjoyed the action, it felt like I was cheated of it when those started rolling, might be one of those rare occasions where a submission format without timeline would've been wholly better. Anyway, loved the fight, appreciate all the hard work gone into arranging this, and I believe it should've scored much much better than this! Nice work.


Shuriken255 responds:

Thank you very much for respond, Cyberdevil! I am sorry about long credits, i thought they would go much faster when i wrote them. Unfortunally, i didn't find what to delete of those credits, because everyone in this list was precious for me. It was long long time and everyone put a lot of effort in this. About rating - i know Newgrounds hate stick figure animations, but still people advised me to do this. Thank you for your respond again. I appreciate it!

Hey I animated it. hehe. As I said before, very nice job on your part nad compiling Shuri. :)

Shuriken255 responds:

Thank you, Rafah and thank you for participation! :3

Incredible animation, but do you have any advice for people who are starting to make animations like these???