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Reviews for "RETROquizGAME"

Look I know this is your game, but when I went to check the leaderboards, how the hell did you get over 2 million.

well done! only suggestions for improvement are you should spell-check it and format the letters more clearly, looks like you have unnecessary spaces. Also, the duke nukem question is oddly phrased.

Also the size of the game doesnt fit the box, its scrunched up in the upper left corner and the rest is black.
But i like the game. good questions, randomly given to keep it interesting.

It's good because reminds the old-school games.
It can be stupid,but it can maybe let discover to the new generations,some fantastic games!

Hmmm... how many flash gamers here are also console gamers??

anf I got a medal :D

which is I am lucky that I was born in 1996 ;)

year 2013 - where I play flash games

Pretty fun quiz,I like it. (And pretty crap at it.)