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Reviews for "RETROquizGAME"

Pretty fun quiz,I like it. (And pretty crap at it.)

Okay... I liked the idea of a retrogaming quiz, so here are some suggestions for a possible next version:

1.better graphics (8-bit style would be nice)
2.categories of questions (8-bit gen; 16-bit gen; PC & Amiga; etc)
3.some questions aren't about sooo retrogaming (the one about playstation for example)
4.medals! =D

well these are the changes I can think of at the momento... keep up the work, this idea has potential!

It's good because reminds the old-school games.
It can be stupid,but it can maybe let discover to the new generations,some fantastic games!

This is a fun retro quiz game. Thank you for confirming that I am a true retro player.
The medal works, and I earned it.

well done! only suggestions for improvement are you should spell-check it and format the letters more clearly, looks like you have unnecessary spaces. Also, the duke nukem question is oddly phrased.

Also the size of the game doesnt fit the box, its scrunched up in the upper left corner and the rest is black.
But i like the game. good questions, randomly given to keep it interesting.