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Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"


Err. Sorry, This game makes me very greedy.

Anyway this is an awesome game but I'm kind of disapointed it wasnt longer. I've beaten it with all upgrades in about 2 hours of gameplay. There is nothing wrong with the pace and I liked each upgrade prices, but I am craving for more ennemies and more upgrades.

I cant seem to find a better shield than lvl8, I've dropped 2 elite excalibur looking for one. Oh well.

Please make a sequel and please make it bigger, it has a lot of potential !

very great game it made me finish. It was a fun thanks.

:D a review?, I'll give you one.

This game should come with some kind of warning.

After 30 min it makes you wonder about gaming addiction... must click more.... a bit faster.... one more level.... and i'm smashing a box....why? It's not really even giving me anything.... still need to click. ;)

bugs, cons: Mouse clicks seem to have some sort of limit, as it's not registering as fast as I can click.

diploms1 responds:

Hehe :D
It's not a bug, it's an anti autoclicker feature. Max click threshold is set to 115ms clicks. But it looks like many of people can click way faster than that.

Is it possible to get the music from somewhere?

diploms1 responds:

Hey, you can download all 4 tracks from this link:

Need to make it to where everything stays in sight, within the game's borders.