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Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"

The graphical aspect of this game is pretty awesome, everything from active scenery and character dynamics to the interface and upgrades looks great, but the game itself... is a whole lot of clicking! I can see how it could get addicting if you persevere far enough, but if you don't... it seems a bit pointless. Medals might have been a nice reward to keep going, without... there's not much to keep me. It looks; plays great though!


nice idle clicker. medals would be nice and some "sell all" button.

It did not lagg to me in any way. It was some good time spent, but it gets sick quickly.
The lack of other things to upgrade, or to do, is a real shame.

It makes the game lose all the value you have made with this art. The art is marvelous!

It's a good game, I just wanted to report that Law of Attraction is broken on higher levels

it's a good game but changing the characters is point less maybe adding some power wuold change the game