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Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"


Err. Sorry, This game makes me very greedy.

Anyway this is an awesome game but I'm kind of disapointed it wasnt longer. I've beaten it with all upgrades in about 2 hours of gameplay. There is nothing wrong with the pace and I liked each upgrade prices, but I am craving for more ennemies and more upgrades.

I cant seem to find a better shield than lvl8, I've dropped 2 elite excalibur looking for one. Oh well.

Please make a sequel and please make it bigger, it has a lot of potential !

If only there was like 1000+ gear and people would be crazy about it!

diploms1 responds:

Maybe in next game hehe

providing an option to sell all items and equipment slot is needed.

i love it ive been playing for hour its about a 3 or 4 hour game

i got the elite excaliber pretty fasst maxed all but wheres my elite lvl 10 shield XD i have a billion dollars and no shield lvl 10 XD just lvl 8