Reviews for "juxtapose"

This is really a wonderful game, and had activated my feels with completely no reason.
I like the fact that they are living in different worlds~ OwO
Simple controls but complicated story. I love it.
Got the "Squander" three times XD
Managed to get all the endings anyways.

This was a beautiful, expressive game that did quite a bit with very little to go on. There wasn't much of an object to it but that was what added to the mystery of it. Though i have to say the sleep mechanic was atmospheric, the time the animation took became very tedious when experimenting to reach each ending. I must say however that this was a spectacular game and worth the time.

Figured out every ending on my own except solace. That one is really complicated and the game doesn't give you anything close to an indication of how to get it. It's like trying to figure out an old cheat code on the NES.

I love it so much I needed every ending omgg

Wow, this is one of the most insane games I've ever come across. I would still recommend it, because it is very creative. I just wish I had an idea on what was going on. I managed to get two endings. The medals didn't show up on screen when I got them, though. Even the title confuses me.

The music is pretty good. It is a really interesting setting. I just don't know what to do with it. I can always stop repeating myself to find new things. I am certainly glad that I played it.