Reviews for "juxtapose"

Is this suppose to be deep?

Feels like the game would benefit a lot from some more atmospheric, less upbeat music that lasts a little longer before looping. Also the big obnoxious medal notifications direly kill the mood.
Still, I am totally in love with this gameplay concept and the striking art direction. Awesome stuff.

loved this game :)

This game is amazing. personally, I think IGN should totally rate this a 10/10.

(P.S. The catalyze achievement isn't working right. It doesn't unlock when I got the ending)

Beautiful game with nice pixel graphics and sounds and a nice variety of endings which you left enough hints to find and the juxtapose mechanic is a nice touch if a bit short.

Just one problem is found is that Abandon is not registering on Newgrounds however it still gave me the medals for all the endings.

Keep up the good work!