Reviews for "juxtapose"

Sometimes the simple tings are the best, and this is one of those cases. Interesting concept.

I couldn't get the Mourn nor the Catalyze endings, but I'll keep trying.

I dont know what to do
1. what am i suppose to do with the balls
2. Just saying :3
3. Im serious
4. comment me now
5. comment me at 21:32

Great game, one of the most unique ones I have ever played in a long time. Really loved how a simple room can make several different endings.

P.S. To get the catalyze ending put the 2 orbs into the machine with 4 antennas and not the hanging lamp thing.

have fun, hide ending like puzzle!

btw really hard.

I had done everything right to get Catalyze but it's not unlocked.
Overall it was a fun game, rather sad story to it if you think.. 4.5 well done!