Reviews for "B-Lock"

White screen after preloading. Linux Ubuntu / Firefox.

An ActionScript error has occurred:
ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property drawWithQuality not found on flash.display.BitmapData and there is no default value.
at core.mvc.view.factory::RasterGrfxFactory$/renderBitmapTexture()
at core.mvc.view.factory::RasterGrfxFactory/textures()
at core.mvc.view.factory::RasterGrfxFactory/button()
at core.mvc.view.factory::GrfxFactory$/button()
at mvc.view.components::LevelCompleteViewComponent()
at mvc.view::LevelCompleteMediator()
at mvc.controller::StartupCommand/execute()
at org.puremvc.as3.core::Controller/executeCommand()
at Function/http://adobe.com/AS3/2006/builtin::apply()
at org.puremvc.as3.patterns.observer::Observer/notifyObserver()
at org.puremvc.as3.core::View/notifyObservers()
at org.puremvc.as3.patterns.facade::Facade/notifyObservers()
at org.puremvc.as3.patterns.facade::Facade/sendNotification()
at ApplicationFacade/startup()
at RunningBallInternal/onFrame()

curtisscifres responds:

For best results please play in Google Chrome. Seems like you may have old software.

This game is definitely pretty challenging and seems to control well. I did find some problems/things missing from the game.
- if you press space a bunch of times to restart after you have died, a white screen with text will pop up with like an error message (something about Hero). you can x out of it, but things in the level will be messed up (saws will have multiplied on the specific path they take, the time lags, etc.)
- a quick restart feature would be nice.
- The fact it takes a good 3 to 5 seconds for it to go to the game over screen is annoying
- Having the character just disappears after dying is kind of cheap in a way. It takes away from the realness of the game (probably not the best way to phrase it, but it just doesn't look good in my opinion.

curtisscifres responds:

We will look into these things. We expect to update the game in a day or two to fix anything. Thanks.