Reviews for "B-Lock"

It's a pretty decent game, it's really solid and definitely has some potential but something about the physics was bugging me a bit and the controls were a little slippery at points. Otherise, nice work.

A good game overall, but there were a couple of things that struck me as "off" about the physics.

One is that when the guy is on a conveyor, the conveyor seems to be accelerating him instead of just adding a constant speed. That gets particularly frustrating in the later levels where conveyors toss you into spikes.

The other is that the speed of jumping and falling seems slow compared to his running speed, which gives him a "floaty" feel. But on levels 13-16 he seemed to move a little faster than on the other levels so he didn't have that floatyness, so maybe there was lag on my end that was causing that?

At any rate, aside from those things I thought it was a pretty solid platformer. The extra challenge of getting through levels perfectly after you've gotten through the game is a nice touch.

Fun little platformer. The Linux/Firefox issue seems to be a result of Adobe no longer updating Flash for Linux. The game works in Chromium (Chrome), because Flash is integrated and updated with the browser. If you use Linux and have Flash problems, try installing Chromium and the Pepper Flash plugin.

I regret to say that I couldn't star this. I don't quite know what you mean by using Google Chrome. It certainly seems like a nice game from the screen I saw. I just now realize all the action turtles we have around here. It's like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It says no bytes have loaded.

I tried reloading my whole computer and it didn't work. Maybe I'll review some of your other things. I was interested by the medals. I admit I play games for that. Maybe next time.

Well controls are good. The dash is really good. 8/8