Reviews for "B-Lock"

Very floaty, couldn't get used to the feel of the game :/

Wonderful, i love you.

Would have been nice that the «R» command (replay) works when you die. Now you have to click everytime on the replay button anytime you die and the R command doesn't do a thing :/

The floatiness of the character seems to be what makes up most of the challenge in this game. The level design doesn't appear too difficult, until you take into account the feeling that you're not in total control of your character. In platformers like this, tight controls are vital and they're just not present here. It's not a bad game--the level design is good and the music is KILLER--it just needs tightened up.

it's an okay platformer,
but the movement of the character is extremely annoying. He's way to fast compared, He gliding for far too long when stopping, His jump is extremely short (id rather remove the dash thingy and have him jump higher instead of short jumps). Why can some enemies move through walls? Why does the saw go behind the trampoline so you get hurt by jumping on it?
I made it to the third level and were already bored and annoyed by the tiny little things that could have improved the game.

It had a lot of potential though :)