Reviews for "Intensity"

Really great. For a track called Intensity, I found it surprisingly tight and controlled. The opening 4 notes are a great hook and provide a somewhat chilling atmosphere throughout the whole song. The intensity does pick up in the middle of the song and peacefully fades out by the end. This is the kind of song that deserves a great game to go along with it.

Noisysundae responds:

The intro was exactly what was in my head when it was an earworm. It's supposed to be in some kind of ambients. Didn't know how it ended up being a trance. :P

I'm thinking about going collab with game developers here too but other works are keeping me from doing it right now.

"Boring trance."
Stop kidding yourself. The intro dragged on for a bit, but after that, I was kept fully interested. The song progresses nicely through a number of different phases which keep it interesting (though I expected a bigger climax).

I felt like a couple of the sounds were a bit out of place - for example, the section around 2:29 seems really cluttered with a lot of sounds which clash with each other. The more noticeably uncomfortable (for want of a better word) ones are the piano and the synth playing said first four notes.

It seems quite a bit similar to The Last Hope in some aspects, actually.

Noisysundae responds:

Yup. I think I should've added a sidechain to the pad synth on the climax and bring it up a bit. The only difference between the first and the second half of the climax is that high-pass saw synth and its frequency sits too close to piano. So, they're fighting each other. Glad that the climax didn't clip, though.

Thanks very much. Also, this one and The last hope have the same intense feeling. No wonder why you think they're similar despite the different progressions.

Congratulations on winning the audiopick for Spooktacular!
I want to quote myself on my review of that track:

"I think you've earned a slot as one of the winners with this."

I'd just like to point out how right I was. This must mean my taste in music is spectacular. Which must mean that your music is spectacular, right? Right.
If this track would've been made for a competition, I'm sure it would have good chances too, as the listening experience is wonderful. And you did most of this in one night too, which is really cool :)

I think the download ratio speaksfor itself; people like this track. With this amount of skill, I'm sure you'll make it big with your music some day, if you keep working for it :p

Ahh, we all know the dread of exam week. Good luck with that!
And thanks for making this chill music :3

Noisysundae responds:

Thanks as always man. I think this isn't spooky enough to be in spooktacular.
That view-download ratio...I admit that I spammed tweets with newgrounds hashtag all the time. :P